Two Chain

Hey guys! So to recap, last week I introduced my learning project, which is Crocheting. My goal this week was to decide on useful tutorial to start my journey and complete one successful chain. Here is a video of my time --> I decided to only focus on half of the video because I wanted to … Continue reading Two Chain

Your Fee-bly will be Free

Its official, I have an RSS reader account with Feebly. First off the site is great to use, but the pop-up promotions are beyond annoying and every time I tried find blogs it would redirect me to the upgraded accounts. Otherwise, it was great to use the hashtag and find topics that I could use as resources. … Continue reading Your Fee-bly will be Free

Week 3

3 Things I learnt: 1)The teriarchic Reciprocal has dynamic influences that include personal, environmental, and behavioral. It made sense that these three factor are considered for social cognitive views of learning and motivation. 2) Social persuasion can be assort of "pep talk" that can boost self efficiency through feedback. Teachers feedback can lead students to feel either more confident, … Continue reading Week 3

Week Two

3 Things I learnt: In chapter three it discussed about families, but specifically about marriage. It stated that in Canada first time marriage only has a 67% chance of lasting a life time, which is actually a  higher percentage than I thought. In chapter eight: Cognitive views of learning- it started on this idea that … Continue reading Week Two

Week One

3 Things I learnt: That children are over supplied with synapse in order to adjust to their new environments, which are constantly changing, while they develop. Cognitive development through Piaget's and Vygotsky theories require both physical and social stimulations.  As we develop with age we become more efficient in almost all thinking patterns. So, it … Continue reading Week One