Week One

3 Things I learnt: That children are over supplied with synapse in order to adjust to their new environments, which are constantly changing, while they develop. Cognitive development through Piaget’s and Vygotsky theories require both physical and social stimulations.  As we develop with age we become more efficient in almost all thinking patterns. So, it is true what they say about only getting better with age.

2 Connections I made: Two connections I made are from  Piaget’s stages of Cognitive Development. During the preoperational stage one of the rapid developments in children between two and four is language. It says, “most children enlarge their vocabulary from 200 to 2000 words”, which reminded me of my mothers daycare children. One of her little boys just started saying simply words- now he is using them in the right context in broken conversation. It surprised me that he caught on so quickly! I understand now why they recommend reading to your children from a young age in order to introduce new words.

The forth stage is  formal operating, which deals  with adolescent egocentrism. It not abnormal to feel like, “everyone is watching” according the forth stage. I personally have felt this way before and now I know why. It’s important to understand your own feelings in order to move past those insecurity’s that might limit us.

1 Question I still Have: How do we change a classroom in order to draw away from high stress environments for students facing adversity?


One thought on “Week One

  1. Brooklyn, I love the connections you made form the reading to your mother’s day care. It is interesting that it is not abnormal to feel like “everyone is watching”. I, for one, have felt that way as well. It is interesting that that is recognized and, still, there is the low comfort level that comes with it. As for your question, that is a difficult one and one to keep in mind for our future classrooms. I believe that as a teacher, it is difficult to know your students right away. Some may build a wall and you may not know they are facing troubled situations until they outright tell you. Of course, this could take months or years to figure out from some students.


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