I decided for my Learning Project I wanted to learn how to crochet. Crocheting is similar to knitting, but with one rounded hook instead of two needles and it is supposed to be easier to learn. The main reason why, is I have wanted to do this for sometime now and I previously bought all of the necessary material to begin.

On a side note I maybe got a little carried away when the FabricLand in the east end was closing.  I have lots of material and different styled hooks. So I figured I should get my money worth and  since there is no better time then the present, I want to try.





To accomplish my goal I will use resources such as YouTube tutorials, blogs, and other material found on the internet. I will try to practice crocheting once a week and share my progress in video form. For my first week I want to be able to complete one whole chain. I will keep you posted, See you next week!


Loop One Loop Two

4 thoughts on “Loop One Loop Two

  1. Hey Brooklynn,

    I was also looking at learning how to crochet for my learning project but decided it would be a little too expensive for a class project so I decided against it. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress, maybe I can learn from you if I ever decide to learn myself! Do you have an idea of what you want to make for you end product?


  2. Hi Brooklyn, I’m excited to see your progress each week. I’m going to venture into knitting but I’ll keep my eye on how crocheting goes for you – maybe I’ll give it a try next. I bough a “Knitting for beginners” pouch that has a few kinds of needles and a crochet hook…one day I’ll try it!


  3. Hey Brooklyn, I found it interesting that you already had the materials needed for crocheting. Were you planning on crocheting before starting your learning project? And if so, how long ago was that?


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