Your Fee-bly will be Free

Its official, I have an RSS reader account with Feebly. First off the site is great to use, but the pop-up promotions are beyond annoying and every time I tried find blogs it would redirect me to the upgraded accounts. Otherwise, it was great to use the hashtag and find topics that I could use as resources. The blog cite I  found most interesting was the TED Education and not just because I love TED Talks, well I do, but it actually has great information on Health.

This particular article talked about how we perceive our brain in correlation to the rest of our body. I think it was an interesting article, it challenged my own thoughts and that is one of the reasons why I like TED. Whenever I am showed a TED article, or video I find myself quickly invested and it could be a useful resource in the future.

Other blogs I followed were related to classroom management, mathematics, and health related topics. I choose these subjects because they are relate to my major in mathematics and my minor in health. I will definitely keep up with Feebly, who knows maybe I will even post an article on Twitter, once I figure out how to.

One thought on “Your Fee-bly will be Free

  1. Hey Brooklynn,
    I also followed TED Educational blog and I can relate to you about loving TED Talks. Every time I watch one I immediately have a dream of giving a TED Talk. I think its smart that you followed some blogs that relate to you areas of study and ones that you are passionate about. I look forward to seeing the blogs you find!


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