CBSL Placement Experience #2

So to recap my CBSL placement is with Saskatchewan Abilities Council in there Fly-Out program, which is a program that interacts youth with disabilities into the community. In my first experience I imagined moving in the direction of learning the importance of social interaction and building personal relations with others. This first impression has not changed, … Continue reading CBSL Placement Experience #2

Who Am I Online

Digital Identity. I once thought it was a scary term for people who used the internet poorly and what they did would follow them forever. In my head this made perfect sense because when I was growing up everyone including teachers, parents and social media, told me that nothing ever gets deleted, or erased on the internet. … Continue reading Who Am I Online

Constructions of School Administrators

3 things I learnt: During 1900 there was little turnover in teachers, which lead to the average age of 43 among teachers (Statistics Canada, 200b, p.176) Teachers have conflicting roles while wanting to see there students succeed and develop through learning, a majority of their time and energy is spent controlling their students behaviour and evaluating their students. Charismatic … Continue reading Constructions of School Administrators

Blog 5: Exploring Teacher Identity and Profession

3 Things I learnt: In the reading "Teachers and Teaching the Profession"  one of the things that stood out to was the requirement's of teaching. They described that teaching requires that the teachers imparts their knowledge not only to their students, but to their parent too. In "Exploring Teacher Identity" by Krista Yerkes, I learnt two … Continue reading Blog 5: Exploring Teacher Identity and Profession

Week 5: History of Philosophy and Education

3 things I Learnt: Progressivism was based on a child-centered philosophy emphasizing problem solving while capitalizing on students curiosity and creative self-expression. This philosophy origins came from Jean-Jacques Rousseau which was heavily criticized because during his time "children were seen not heard". Teachers might have ideals that align with certain philosophy, but in practice they rely on those … Continue reading Week 5: History of Philosophy and Education