Complete the Square

Hello guys, I hope your doing well! To recap last week I learnt how to complete two connective chains and for today I will be completing a square. So lets get started.

One thing I noticed last week the smaller the hook the tighter the stitch and because of this I switched to a larger hook. I had some difficulties keeping the same number of stiches for each row. But with a large hook matched with the small yarn I could finally weave in each chain. My first square turned out a little misshaped, but with practice I am sure it will get better.

Next week I am going to continue learning a few more techniques from the same YouTube Channel called Crocheting for Absolute Beginners: Part 2.

See you guys later!

2 thoughts on “Complete the Square

  1. I like how you have a description of what you video is about before the video, the layout of your post is really well set up. Also great job on your learning project so far! You seem to be super far along already. I suggest though you add what online resource you used to help you learn in your post!


  2. Hey Brooklynn,
    You are making this look so easy!! You are doing amazing! You are very good at breaking down information, making it easy for people (like me) that don’t know much about crocheting to follow up on. I’m excited to see where you go next with your learning project!


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