Read Crochet Read (Repeat)

US and UK Crochet Stiches

Hey guys! The end of the semester is near and I hope you guys are doing well. Last week my focus was to learn how to read crochet instructions. I found this blog on  Beginner’s Guide: How to Read a Crochet Pattern.  It was great I learnt about the abbreviation used in the instructions and how it can differ in United States terminology. I found the charts extremely helpful when I was breaking down the the instructions, but I still struggled with following the correct type of stitch. If you recall in the beginning  of my learning project I learnt about the basic types of crochet, including half double, double, and triple crochet, which is in my blogs Two Chain and Part One Complete, Part Two Progressing.  I decided because I struggled with the basics of crocheting I want to practice my fundamental crochet loops. So, on top of learning how to read crochet patterns, I want to find other sources that can help expand my understanding and put it in to practice.

Half Tremble (htr)

Chain Stitch (ch)

I found this website called Basic Crochet Stitches and it has great step by step instructions.  It covers the basic chain, slip knot, chain stitch (ch), slip stitch (sl st), double crochet (dc), and so much more. There is also great instructional photos, which I found the most useful. I found it easier for a beginner to look back at the photo instead of having to rewind a tutorial video. As you can see the image can clearly demonstrated the chain and can be easily accessible to look back on. I recommend checking this website if you want to learn the basics!

The other site I stumbled upon was called “The Spruce” and it had collection on the Basic Stitches in Crochet.  It was a neat collection that had photos and a tutorial, which were all linked with in each different stitch. This could be helpful for anyone who is a visual learners because each stitch had its own video tutorial and it was convenient.

Next week I want try and get back to my scarf project, which you can read more details about from my previous blog Back to the Drawing BoardThanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Read Crochet Read (Repeat)

  1. Hi Brooklynn!
    I love that you found so many resources that will help improve your crocheting. I know that with my own learning project, I need lots of visuals to really understand what to do step by step. I look forward to seeing your next post!


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