Whats In It to Google it?

In today’s world of fast moving technology the internet is becoming an advance resource of information and we are know starting to debate whether. or not “Schools should not be teaching anything that can be googled”. I was one of the lucky debaters this week and to be honest this was my first type of debate I have done, but it was not as horrifying as I thought it would be. My opponent Mckayla did a fantastic job on the pro side of the debate and I hoped everyone enjoyed it!

I found the more I read the question the more I was unsure of what it was actually asking. On the pro side Mckayla made great points about google being a great tool and resource in learning almost every subjects, which I completely agree with. We definitely can gather a great deal of information from google, but part of this question arise a new one, what information do we deem important to teach in schools. I think regardless of what google offers there is still going to be information we will have to memorize, process, and apply to learn it. I think google might be a new way of learning, but it can not replace learning in itself and that’s a fine line we will have to make as educators.

Overall, I am not sure if there is an answer to this question because the more I begin to think about it in depth the more it spiders webs out to even more question that may not have answers. I enjoyed the debate and very excited to see what the next weeks debate will bring!

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