Equity: Technology

Hey guys! This week in the great debate we our discussing the topic on whether, or not "Technology is a force for equity in society". I feel like when I read this topic I have heard it before. That if you do ______ , then everyone will have the same opportunity with out basis's in economic … Continue reading Equity: Technology


Mix Mash Debate

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day! This week in the great debate we ended up discussing two topics that semi-intertwine with each other. So, the discussion was on whether, "Public education has sold its soul to corporate interests in what amounts to a Faustian bargain" OR/VS. "Openness and sharing in schools … Continue reading Mix Mash Debate


In today's classroom many students and facility members bring their own personal device to school. It is not uncommon to see students using their devices during class whether, or not it is part of the lesson plan. Many teacher try and bring technology into the classroom to keep their lesson relevant and interesting. So, in … Continue reading B.Y.O.D