In today’s classroom many students and facility members bring their own personal device to school. It is not uncommon to see students using their devices during class whether, or not it is part of the lesson plan. Many teacher try and bring technology into the classroom to keep their lesson relevant and interesting. So, in regards to integrating  technology I wanted to discuss the topic of B.Y.O.D, which stand for Bring Your Own Device. Side-Note I thought this was a cleaver mnemonic!

I believe like anything else there sometimes can be to much of a good thing. There are definitely Pros and Cons to allowing students to bring their own device. The biggest argument is that students end up using their device one way, or another and if they have more of an interest in a lesson with technology why not use it. Right, I mean that does make sense. Obviously there some logistic issue with this idea, essentially we are assuming all student have their own access to technology, which is usually no the case.  Although if we did live in that world this article,  “The Pros and Cons of BYOD” by Corey Murray starts off a great list of both sides. If their is anything you think you could add to the articles Pros and Cons list, leave a comment. I would like to hear your thoughts!

The next article I found was, “EdTech 10: Bring (or Wear) Your On Device #BYOD”, by getting smart staff. It touched based on few different perspective, but what I found most interesting was that students believe in BYOD.                                                                                            “In fact, 90% of middle and high school students think that tablets will innovate                            learning and also make the learning more engaging and fun!”                                                      Although from the Great Tech Debate we know there are no studies that support technology enhancing learning, but this could be the knew form of learning in today’s classroom. It might just help a few more students to want to engage in the activities and that might make it worth it at the end of the day.

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One thought on “B.Y.O.D

  1. I teach in a school with very little technology available (we have one computer lab and one laptop cart) so I utilize BYOD very often. I find that the students are more comfortable with their own devices in some cases (particularly when “just googling” something) and some have better typing skills on their iPhones than a computer. I don’t, however; make BYOD a requirement. Students can and have checked out laptops for activities in my class or I do group work where I know one student in each group has a device. I use BYOD out of necessity and I use it often, but there are downsides other than not every student having their own device.
    1. they get distracted by notifications (Snapchat streaks!)
    2. They get off task (finding the “right song” or playing a game)
    Despite these downsides, I like my students being able to use their own devices as needed.

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