Is technology the reason we are unhealthy?

Is technology the reason we are unhealthy? Uhmm that is a tough question. Just a reminder there are many factors that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. Technology is commonly know for its user to be in sedentary state, which could be a cause for younger generation to became less active. If you think about it there are way less programs that engage children physically and those tend to be less popular, or not as fulfilling in the childrens desires. Lets be honest you can only play just dance and Wii Sports so many times… But there is another side to technology that is benefiting children’s health. In the article, “5 Ways Technology Can Help Improve Your Health” it enlist all of these great tools to track, motivate, and analyze different aspect of our health. Examples Like:


These are great ways to promote physical activity, sleep, and diet. I believe it can and will help some people to focus on their health. Maybe this could help lower obesity rates. Although this is not a knew problem obesity rates have been climbing for past few decades and there are study that suggest obese children will become obese adults. That is a huge concerns to have those trends accelerating in youth and seeing it  become generational. I am not sure if it is related to technology, but it can lead to many related health issues.

It does start to make me question though, whether it combat against the predominate way we us technology today. Anything can be a good thing in moderation. Overall I think  we might be unable ourselves to unhealthy behaviors with technology and studies says, technology influences are sleep cycles, which is extremely problematic in young developing youth (Digital Technology can be harmful to your health). Others studies show that the screens are horrible for our eyes, especially if we are using them at night time. I am guilty of looking at phone right before bed and first thing in the morning. I don’t think I have arrived at a conclusion. There are just to may factors to take into consideration before making a statement on whether, or not technology is making children unhealthy. My advice would be to figure out a balance with technology.

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