Mix Mash Debate

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day! This week in the great debate we ended up discussing two topics that semi-intertwine with each other. So, the discussion was on whether, “Public education has sold its soul to corporate interests in what amounts to a Faustian bargain” OR/VS. “Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids.   First off, I want to say both sides to an incredible job debating in light of everything and it was very interesting.  I never thought much about public education in relations to corporations, but the thought of post-secondary education making some cash has crossed my mind. Obviously the required textbook is usually were I start questioning whether they make new additions because information has changed or, because its a way to make money. For example I have used Pearson before and its extremely expensive. I had to purchase a paper copy of the textbook along with a online access card. It was a good tool to use in the classroom and I understand why the professor would use it. Although knowing that this company is making a personal profit is a little unsettling.


One of the arguments Emily presented was that standardized testing is worthless and a waste of our time. Which I do see there are some negative aspects to standard tests  in the fact that they are not always an accurate representations of what a students knows, there stressful, and are taken in unrealistic testing environments, etc (Why Standardized tests are Worthless). Despite knowing all of that, I think they are important and offer information about there student learning. My math teacher used to say, “Its not a test, I just want to see what you know today” and if a student is struggle to understand a certain concept then it allows them to work on it. Although standard test should not be the sole evaluation on what a students comprehends and it evaluated on. 

The type of tools education systems will use will generally benefit the cooperation regardless if it is direct profit, or consumers use. Unfortunately schools use the funding, or free apps to advance learning in the classroom, which without these cooperation would impossible. I do think schools have the opportunity to secure students data and information using these companies. The sharing and openness is fair and important to children growth, but it should not be a margin for personal profit.

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2 thoughts on “Mix Mash Debate

  1. I think we as teachers have to walk that careful line between awesome tech stuff and guarding our students’ data. It also a struggle for ourselves, right? Sign up for this webinar and this website for lesson plans and information… sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much is out there. You have to wonder where your information is going and how it is being used!
    As for the standardized testing, I’m torn. Yes, we need to make sure our teachers are teaching curriculum and creating an equitable environment, but is a standardized test that treats everyone the same really going to show what the students know to the best of their abilities?

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    • Yeah it’s tough thought and I think there could be a better way to evaluate students, but then again that way would eventually become a type of standardized testing. I feel like it it might might be a loop answer. Thanks for responding! -Brooklynn

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