Unplug Unplug

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. This week on the great debate we discussed whether, or not “We have become too dependent on technology and what we really need is to unplug”. I swear ever time I hear unplug, I think of someone who is addicted because if you use technology in moderation then you would not need to unplug. I realize for most people its not as simply as that and it gives them more anxiety to give up their technology then to keep it. The debtors did a great job for the last debate and the discussion between everyone was great!

On the agreeing side, Morgan made some points and connection about how technology is causes us issues. That in many cases we actually feel more lonely online, which helps cling to the outside world. (Connected, but Alone?). This Ted Talk is interesting because it breaks down the facades we put with social media. A lot of times you will hear that social media allow you make friends and all these other great things, but they never discuss how lonely it is to only have friends just online. Unplugging gives these people the opportunity to re-kindle the connection with others, family, and environments. As discussed in the debate up north is where yeah gotta go, haha.


The disagreeing side, Noah argued that unplugging is becoming a lot harder in today’s society in respects to technology, not just social media. We use it in everyday life and realistically it should not be a problem. In the article, “Can’t Get Away From It All? The Problem Isn’t Technology — It’s You” by Mat Honan, it covers many of the accuses we have in why we us technology, such as the urge to check emails. But its true technology can be used in whatever way we see fit. So why are we so obsessive? Is there a way to gain control over our self’s rather then over technology because we both know that technology will continue to expand whether we like it, or not!   

bored the simpsons GIF

Overall this was a tough debate and I did change my mind a lot. I think unplugging is a band-aid and will not be sufficient enough for the generations who grow up with technology. We need to find a better solution and to be frank, I am not sure what that should be, but time will tell.

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One thought on “Unplug Unplug

  1. Hey Brooklyn,
    I really like that you mentioned that unplugging is a band-aid fix. It’s always interesting to me when I hear our generation talking about unplugging as we are said to always be on our phones and cant live without it. I wonder how many of our students will want to unplug or how they feel about it. Great post!


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