Networked Professionl Learning

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I can not believe the end of the semester is here. In these last few months we have discussed so many topics about technology in regards to education. I personally enjoyed the semester getting to hear and learn from so many different individuals in this class.

Course Blog: Each week we were given a prompt to complete. It usually followed the Great debates, which always kept the posts interesting.

Interactions: This was an interesting class because it was smaller then the previous EDTC. I got to interact countless times with my classmates. In the Mini-Lesson plans, I collaborated with a peer purely online. It turned out to better then I thought it would! We used resources such google docs, google power point, flip-grid, and zoom in one lesson plan. Other ways I connected with my peers was through commenting on blogs.



Twitter: I can finally say that, I am used to twitter. I liked finding articles that were interesting not only to me, but hopefully for my classmates as well.

Mentoring: A part of the Networked Professional Learning we were given the opportunity to mentor students from the EDTC300 class. I was a bit nervous because I just took that class in the previous semester and I am only a second year student.  What I didn’t not suspect was how difficult it was going to be, to make positive critiques without sounding to negative. It made worry a bit, but I focused on just supporting and asking the odd question in hopes in challenge their own thinking.

It was interesting though when I thought about critiquing their blogs sites,  I suddenly started looking at my own in comparison. A few of the these individuals had wonderful blogs with great presentation and organization (those individuals happen to be fourth year students). Seeing some of their blogs inspired me to change a few things of my own! I know this was about about helping them in their course, but I learnt a lot too!

The three individual I got to mentor were  Kaitlyn, Melissa, and Chelsea. Their Learning projects Included:

Image result for exercise guide cartoon

Exercise Guide (Melissa)

Image result for sewing machine cartoon images

Sewing/Quilting (Kaitlyn)

Image result for cook cartoon

Cooking (Chelsea)






Comments made:

Thank you for a great semester and a very interesting journey through EDTC,



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