Peer Mentoring Reflection

To end this class with  high note, I am here to discuss my experience of peer mentoring. I will be honest in beginning I was scared to post anything because some of the individuals I was mentoring were fourth year students. In my mind I was thinking, what could I possible do to help, or guide them through EDTC300. The other thought that crossed my mind was how I am going to provide positive feedback and support. I always find that when we communicate online it can be difficult to read the tone of the message and I certainly did not want to come off rude, or anything. So, I tried to focus my comments with encouraging words and questions that may allow them to think further on certain topics.

One thing I found difficult was one of the individuals I was assigned to, was not keeping up with the course work and I did not know how to reach out. It almost felt like I would be intruding. I am not sure if it was because it was a peer, but it made me hesitate. I gathered that they must be  going through a lot and from this experience I hope I can learn to handle it better.

In the process I think started the grasp the idea of what it might be like to teach an online class. There is a lot of power in connecting through these platform sites and interacting with people, or in this case students. It is a huge educational curve and has the potential to be a very positive one at that. I will agree it is not easy and takes a special teacher to do this. I am thinking a very patient and technology loving person.

As for teaching in general I learned that teachers need to be able to read their students in a sense to be able help them achieve the learning goals. For instance giving their student encouragement when they are feeling down, or challenging them when they can handle it. Also I learnt that feedback is key, but more importantly the type of feedback needed. Which I think will take me some time and experience to figure out. I am not sure if I could teach an online class, but components of technology in the classroom allows student to experience social media platform in new ways, rather then just to share pictures, memes, and what not.

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One thought on “Peer Mentoring Reflection

  1. Hey Brooklynn,
    I was kind of nervous at the start too with some of my mentees being in their fourth year as well and I didn’t feel qualified to help them but then I realized that were all in the same boat with teaching and using technology. I also found it kind of difficult when my mentees would not post for awhile. I found it hard to know if I was crossing the line to try to get them to post. It was a little hard being peer and trying to tell them what they should be doing. It’s great that you learned a lot through the process though!


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