Theory & Practice

Think about??

(a) The ways in which you may have experience the Tyler rationale in your own schooling;

I have witnessed Tyler’s rationale in most of my education experience and I do not  agree with his rationale, but it has been a huge part of my learning style. I grew up being told to sit quietly in my desk and do my work. So, that I can be evaluated on the material in a couple of days through a written test.  Which prompted the student to quickly memorize with out actually understanding the material and forced pressure on getting a good marks.

(b) What are the major limitations of the Tyler rationale/what does it make impossible;

The limitations from Tyler’s rational is that it is not inclusive to all students and their own learning style. As we know every student has a type of evaluation that allows them to demonstrate their knowledge without complication, which is not always written tests. Also, his rationale can be easily biased to certain groups of people depending on the evaluation. It can make succeeding almost impossible for certain people.

(c) What are some potential benefits/what is made possible.

The potential benefits to Tyler’s rationale is that is can create a standard for students learning. It also is a process that allows teachers to create aims and objectives, content, organization of teaching and learning, and evaluate/assessment for their students.

Smith – Curriculum Theory and Practice 


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