English Literature (Against Common Sense)

Everyone can define themselves by something whether that be their race, gender, culture, tradition,  geography, interests and the list goes on. But its our experiences and perspectives through these factors that shape who we are and how we view the world. I am a daughter, sister, female, white, middle class, Canadian and again my list … Continue reading English Literature (Against Common Sense)

Perspective with Mathematics

1) "No matter how dominate a worldview is, there are always other ways of interpreting the world. Different ways of interpreting the world are manifest through different cultures, which are often in opposition with one another" (Bear, 2000, pg. 77). Mathematics just like another aspect of the the world is interpreted by cultures and their … Continue reading Perspective with Mathematics

Treaty Education

The purpose of teaching treaty education is to ensure all students learn and understand the history of Canada and the people who first inhabited the land. Regardless of the students ancestral background the history of the First Nation, Metis, and Inuit peoples offers a unique perspective on life. We are all treaty people and the … Continue reading Treaty Education