English Literature (Against Common Sense)

Everyone can define themselves by something whether that be their race, gender, culture, tradition,  geography, interests and the list goes on. But its our experiences and perspectives through these factors that shape who we are and how we view the world.

I am a daughter, sister, female, white, middle class, Canadian and again my list can go on. So, it is not crazy to assume that these are factors that have shaped my experiences and perspective on how I view the world. Is it possible that these factors come with biases and narrow shaped lenses? Yes definitely and growing up in world that benefits my views only reinforces my perspective.

My experience in the classroom is probably very similar to how others were raised in the school system. The type of knowledge being taught and the instruction of how it is taught,  is still very similar to “formal” education. For sure there has been some changes to the curriculum, and teaching practices, but still it is dominated by Euro-centric practices. So, yes the school already has certain biases in the classroom from the type of knowledge being taught to the teaching practices being demonstrated.

To move away from these biases and towards an inclusive education is to recognize what is currently being taught and who does it reflect? Once we establish that then we can start to make changes that can capture parts of all cultures, which would provide a diverse education and well rounded form of knowledge. Inclusive education should  support all students to be able to make connection from their experiences to the material being taught.

The single story told in my schooling experiences follow the Eurocentirc cultures history, knowledge, and way of life. In the beginning of the course there was a statement made, “male, pale, and stale” about the curriculum theorist. I would say that this statement is still relevant in today’s schooling.

Chapter 7 : Examples from English Literature (from Kumashiro’s Against Common Sense.)

3 thoughts on “English Literature (Against Common Sense)

  1. Hi Brookylnn!
    I like the point you made about how being a daughter, sister, white, ect, influences your perspective on many things. This is so true but I did not initial make that connection until I read your post. I also liked your comment about growing up in a world that benefit your values and perspectives only reinforces them. This is an indication of why as teachers it is so important to be aware of our own biases and make an effort to expose our students to as many perspectives as we can.

    Thanks for sharing,


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  3. Hey Brooklynn
    I really like how you said that everyone can define themselves in some way even if they don’t acknowledge what they can. I also think that it is important that we recognize the perspective that things are being taught from so that we can diversify education to benefit students from every culture.
    Thanks for sharing


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