Storying the learning journey: Revisiting Common Rebuttals


Reading Response #4

The article “The Myth of the Level Playing Field” by âpihtawikosisân, is full of “myth” busting response of a so-called level playing field with Indigenous peoples in this now liberal democracy. She starts by taking rebuttal, such as; “Acknowledging the past is good enough”, “Equal access to rights has been achieved”, “Equality before the law … Continue reading Reading Response #4

Reading Response #1

I was assigned to the article, “Treaty Education for Ethically Engaged Citizenship: Settler Identities, Historical Consciousness and the Need for Reconciliation”, by Jennifer Tupper. This quote interested me the most- “Being in ethical relation requires engagement with ‘difficult knowledge’, shifting out of the epistemological stance of ignorance, resisting colonial historical consciousness produced through front-tier narratives … Continue reading Reading Response #1