Inclusive Education

3 Things I learnt: Inclusive Education is proven to improve better communication skills, higher academic achievement, wider social network, and fewer behavioral problems for children with disabilities. (TedTalk) 56% of kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities spend their entire day segregated in special education classroom. (TedTalk) Only 44% of classrooms, practice Inclusive Education and research … Continue reading Inclusive Education

Constructions of School Administrators

3 things I learnt: During 1900 there was little turnover in teachers, which lead to the average age of 43 among teachers (Statistics Canada, 200b, p.176) Teachers have conflicting roles while wanting to see there students succeed and develop through learning, a majority of their time and energy is spent controlling their students behaviour and evaluating their students. Charismatic … Continue reading Constructions of School Administrators

Blog 5: Exploring Teacher Identity and Profession

3 Things I learnt: In the reading "Teachers and Teaching the Profession"  one of the things that stood out to was the requirement's of teaching. They described that teaching requires that the teachers imparts their knowledge not only to their students, but to their parent too. In "Exploring Teacher Identity" by Krista Yerkes, I learnt two … Continue reading Blog 5: Exploring Teacher Identity and Profession

Week 5: History of Philosophy and Education

3 things I Learnt: Progressivism was based on a child-centered philosophy emphasizing problem solving while capitalizing on students curiosity and creative self-expression. This philosophy origins came from Jean-Jacques Rousseau which was heavily criticized because during his time "children were seen not heard". Teachers might have ideals that align with certain philosophy, but in practice they rely on those … Continue reading Week 5: History of Philosophy and Education

Week 3

3 Things I learnt: 1)The teriarchic Reciprocal has dynamic influences that include personal, environmental, and behavioral. It made sense that these three factor are considered for social cognitive views of learning and motivation. 2) Social persuasion can be assort of "pep talk" that can boost self efficiency through feedback. Teachers feedback can lead students to feel either more confident, … Continue reading Week 3

Week Two

3 Things I learnt: In chapter three it discussed about families, but specifically about marriage. It stated that in Canada first time marriage only has a 67% chance of lasting a life time, which is actually a  higher percentage than I thought. In chapter eight: Cognitive views of learning- it started on this idea that … Continue reading Week Two